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Hai Guys!!!
After a long time Ms. Wiwin is not giving a assignment due to UAS and New Year Holiday
Now, i will tell you about my new year holiday...

My new years holiday start at 24 december until 8 january, at first i'm mostly stay at home or jogging at saparua running track.

And then at 29 decemeber my mother decide that i'm need to go to SANLAT until 1 January 2017 
What is SANLAT and why i'm need to go to sanlat?
SANLAT is Pesantren Kilat and maybe why i'm need to go to SANLAT because my religious thing didn't meet their expectations.

Okay let's begin my story....

29 December 2016 at 12.00 I'm arrive at Cikole Camping Park and start my SANLAT activity.
After I'm arrive at cikole, me and my friends go to aula tent to doing  dzuhur pray. After that we are getting a lesson about Islam, this session ends at 15.00 pm.
After that we get to go to a tent that had been prepared by this event committee, to prepare for ashar pray. after pray ashar, we are getting a lesson again at aula tent, and then we are doing maghrib pray and isya pray.

30 December 2016 at 03.30 we are waken up to do a tahajud and then pray subuh. after that we get to go to tent for preparing for this day.after that we have a lesson until before dzuhur pray and then doing dzuhur pray. after we get a session to prepare for a talent show session tonight until before maghrib and at evening we are doing the talent show.

31 December 2016, like always at 03.30 we are waken up to do a tahajud and pray subuh, after that we get a breakfast and then we get a lesson again until dzuhur. after dzuhur we are get to prepare for solo bivak (solo bivak is where you need to build a bivak and then sleep on it but before sleep we need to do a task that given from this event committee).

1 January 2017 we are waken up to go to camping area again and then get to go home after that

that is my story where is yours.....

Minggu, 23 Oktober 2016


Venice is one of the most interesting and lovely places in the world.
This sanctuary on a lagoon is virtually the same as it was six hundred years ago, which adds to the fascinating character. Venice has decayed since its heyday and is heavily touristed (there are 56000 residents and 20 million tourists per year), but the romantic charm remains.
This place may not seem huge, but it is, and is made up of different boroughs.
The most famous is the area comprising the 118 islands in the main districts that are called "Sestieri": Cannaregio, Castello, Dorsoduro, San Polo, Santa Croce and San Marco, where the main monuments and sights are located. Other main districts are Isola Della Giudecca and Lido di Venezia. Some of the more important islands in the lagoon include Murano, Torcello, San Francesco del Deserto, and Burano.

Place to Visits

  • Doge's Palace (Palazzo Ducale), (San Marco Square), [3]From April 1st to October 31st: 8.30 am – 7 pm (last admission 6 pm); from November 1st to March 31st: 8.30 am – 5.30 pm (last admission 4.30 pm). Closed on December 25th and January 1stIf the ticket line is long, you can buy regular tickets across the square at the Museo Correr. Don't miss the guided tour named Secret Itinerary (€20), which will let you discover the part of the palace where the city's administration worked, as well as Casanova's jail and the wonderful five hundred year old roof structure. Regular ticket €16 valid for the Doge’s Palace and the Museo Correr, Museo Archeologico Nazionale, and Monumental Rooms of the Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana.  edit

Bell tower of Saint Mark
  • Bell tower of St. Mark (Campanile di San Marco), (San Marco Square). closes at 9pmThe current tower dates from 1912; an exact replica of the previous tower which collapsed in 1902. The top of the tower offers great views of Venice and the lagoon. €8.  edit
  • Clock tower (Torre dell'Orologio), (San Marco Square), [4]— Having been closed for restoration for many years, the restored astronomical clock is now visible. The fascinating tour of the clock mechanism (and rooftop bell) can only be visited on a guided tour, which has to be booked in advance.  edit
  • Scuola grande di San RoccoA masterpiece of Tintoretto, this guild house is an exquisite example of Manierist art in its best. In order to allow a comfortable admiration of the detailed ceiling mirrors are offered to the visitors. edit
  • Jewish Ghetto of Venice[5]While racial and ethnic neighbourhoods had existed prior to the Venetian Ghetto, Venice's ghetto was the first "ghetto" (coming from a Venetian word for the Iron Foundry that was on the site previously) and "ghetto" eventually came to mean any neighbourhood that was made up of a single ethnic/racial group. Today, Jewish life is still very active in the ghetto, and elsewhere in Venice, and is home to five synagogues. Visiting on Saturdays or late Fridays (the Jewish Sabbath) will prove very fruitless because all shops, restaurants, and other Jewish places will be closed. If you wish to sense the unique Venetian atmosphere coming from the East you can take part in an itinerary covering the Jewish Ghetto and the Rialto area to discover the crucible of races, cultures and religions that have co-existed for centuries in Venice and admire a different side of this city.  edit

Outdoor sights, piazzas, bridges, canals[edit]

Rialto Bridge
  • Don't miss the Rialto market and theRialto Bridge (Italian: Ponte di Rialto) on San Polo, the smallest sestiere. The Rialto market is for shoppers. To the east is a neighborhood of small shops and restaurants; to the west is the Rialto farmers' market. Shopping is slightly less expensive than in the tourist-filled Piazza San Marco. The bridge has become one of Venice's most recognizable icons and has a history that spans over 800 years. Today's Rialto Bridge was completed in 1591 and was used to replace a wooden bridge that collapsed in 1524.
  • Zattere. It's a long and sunny walk along the Giudecca canal, protected during winter time from cold northerly winds for being exposed to south and shielded by buildings. You might find interesting to see how a gondola is made, stopping by the Squero (Venetian for small ship yard) across the canal near San Trovaso Church. It's one of the few still in business in town. With some luck, you'll see some gondole through various manufacturing steps (note that gondole are not straight to counter-balance the gondoliere push).


Although the Basilica di San Marco is free, other famous churches charge an entry fee. If you plan to visit three churches or more, you are better off buying the churches pass. There is also a combined pass for museums, churches and transportation only available at the tourist information office but it is relatively expensive.

Basilica di San Marco
  • Saint Mark's Basilica (Basilica di San Marco)Piazza San Marco (Water lines # 1, 52, and 82 will take you from Santa Lucia (the train station) or Piazzale Roma to Piazza San Lucia. Walking is another option but will require a map and lots of time and energy.),  +39 041 5225205 (procuratorial phone number)[6]1st October to 31st March: 9:45AM-4:45PM; 1st April to 30 September: 9:45AM-5PM.Saint Mark's Basilica is on the Piazza San Marco and is one of the highlights of a visit to Venice. As with most churches in Italy, you must be dressed appropriately to be allowed in; this means no short skirts or bare shoulders. You are not allowed to carry large bags or rucksacks inside. You must deposit them just round the corner from the main entrance. Filming and photography is forbidden so be prepared in advance. The visit within the basilica lasts ten minutes. Waiting for entry into the basilica can last up to five or so hours and it may be wise to buy a ticket from the official site [7] (reservation costs €1.50). Once you have a reservation you can take the group entrance on the left, where you give in the printout of your reservation. These reservations are only available 7 months out of the year, 1 Apr-31 Oct. The symbol of St. Mark’s Basilica is a masterpiece of the Greek Hellenistic sculpture: the famous gilded bronze horses. A visit to St Mark’s Basilica is a must! It is renowned worldwide for its priceless treasures and fascinating secret places. Some of them, such as the Baptistery and the Zen Chapel, are usually closed to the public. Admission to the basilica is free; however, the museum upstairs costs €5 and to view the high altar and treasury costs €2.  edit
  • San Giacomo di Rialto. This church is possibly the oldest church in Venice built around 421. It is most recognized for its 15th century clock above the entrance of the church. It is also recognized for the red pillars and beautiful gold accents around the church itself.
  • San Giovanni e Paolo (San Zanipolo in Venetian dialect). A fine, huge Dominican church with the tombs of many Doges. It shares its piazza with the fine Renaissance facade of the Scuola San Marco and an equestrian statue of the mercenary (condottiere) captain Colleone. Look out for the testicles (coglioni in Italian - it's a lousy pun) on his coat of arms!
  • Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari. The big friary church, with fine monuments and paintings, among which the famous 'Assunta' by Titian. Regular tickets: €3,00
  • Santa Maria dei Miracoli. A perfect jewel box church, simple in form but ornamented with fine exterior marble facings.
  • San Simeone Piccolo. The last church built in Venice. It is located across from the Grand Canal in front of Santa Lucia Train station. One of the things that it is recognized for is the fact that they celebrate Tridentine Mass on Sundays. It is also recognized for it's dome because it is used to make the church look taller than it is and the dome itself is entirely covered with lead sheet.
  • Basilica of Santa Maria Assunta in Torcello is situated in the charming Torcello island, and it is an enchanting example of Venetian- Byzantine architecture. The cathedral is renowned for its important mosaics, which are a real masterpiece of the Byzantine-Ravennate school, including that in the counter-façade representing the Last Judgment. Discover, among its historical and artistic treasures, some exclusive areas which have remained inaccessible for centuries: the crypt and the sacristy. The crypt is situated under the altar and, being frequently reached by the water, is equipped with a wooden bridge in order to make visits always available. The other mysterious location that has been covered for centuries is the sacristy. Following a hidden passageway, you can reach a Roman sarcophagus, which is supposed to have been the tomb of Mark the Evangelist for a period of time, when the Basilica in Venice wasn’t built yet.


The Museums of St. Mark's Square are covered by one €16 admission ticket, including Doge's Palace and the Correr Museum, valid for 3 months, for a single entry per museum. On the other hand, the Museum Pass, for €24.50, covers seven more museums including those on Murano and Burano; these passes are valid for 6 months, for a single entry per museum.
  • Correr MuseumSan Marco 52 (on San Marco Square). Very interesting collection of globes, starting from the 16th century. There is also an only library hall, an archeological museum of Roman antiques and an important picture gallery. At the end of your visit, don't miss the museum art cafe, with their tables on the San Marco Square. Admission is €16 (reduced €10), which also includes Doge's Palace..  edit
  • La Fenice Theater (Teatro La Fenice), (300 m west of San Marco square), [8]Visit this historic theater with an audioguide (good explanations in several languages). The theater is an identical reconstruction (rebuilt in 2003) of the previous theater building that burned down in 1996. €7.  edit
  • The Jewish Museum (Museo Ebraico)Cannaregio 2902/b +39 041 715 359(fax+39 041 72 3007), [9]Hours:1 June - 30 September: 10AM-7PM 1 October- 31 : 10AM-6PM The Museum is closed on Saturday (Shabbat), during Jewish festivities, on December 25th , on 1st January and on 1 May.Entrance to the Museum: Full price: € 3.00, Reduced price: € 2.00. Entrance to the Museum and Guided Tours to Synagogues: Full price: € 8.50, Reduced price: € 7.00.  edit
  • Mocenigo Palace (Palazzo Mocenigo), Santa Croce 1992 (vaporetto San Stae),  +39 041721798[10]Closed on MondaysA collection of clothes dating from the 18th century.€5.  edit
  • The Peggy Guggenheim MuseumPalazzo Venier dei Leoni (Located on the Dorsoduro region of Venice, to the east of the Accademia bridge, on the southern side of the Grand Canal),  +39.041.2405.411 (fax+39.041.5206.885), [11].Hours: W-M: 10AM-6PM. Closed on Tuesdays and on 25 December. Open on national holidays (including Tuesdays)The Peggy Guggenheim Museum offers a personal collection of modern art collected by Peggy Guggenheim. Peggy was an American married to modern artist Max Ernst, and funded a number of his contemporaries. The gallery includes a sculpture garden and works by Picasso, Kandinsky, Tanguy, Duchamp, Pollock, Dali, and Mondrian. Admission: Adults: €15, Seniors (over 65 years): €13, Students (18 years and under or holders of valid student ID): €9.  edit
  • Ca' PesaroBeautiful palace housing the gallery of modern art focusing on Italian art in the 19th Century as well as the Marco Pollo Museum, a rich collection mainly of Asian exhibits. edit
  • Ca' RezzonicoMuseum of the 18th Century in Venice - attempts to revive the domestic atmosphere of Venetian nobilities.  edit
  • Galleria dell'Accademia di VeneziaCampo della Carità Dorsoduro n. 1050 – 30100 Venezia +39 041 5200345 (), [12]M: 8:15am-2pm, T-S: 8:15am-7:15pm. The ticket office closes 45 minutes before. Closed on Monday afternoon, December 25th and January 1st.Venice's most significant art museum which is also one of Italy's best. €16,50 full price or €13,50 reduced.  edit
  • Palazzo GrassiCampo San Samuele[13]Temporary exhibitions from François Pinault's Collection.  edit
  • Punta della DoganaDorsoduro (on the tip between Grand Canal and Giudecca Canal).Former customs house, centre for contemporary art, permanent exhibition of works from the François Pinault Collection. Renovation by world renown architect Tadao Ando.  edit
Other museums include:
  • Glass Museum (Museo del Vetro)MuranoClosed on 25 December, 1 January. Working hours: 10 - 17 (winter), 10 - 18 (summer)On Murano, the island so typical of its glasswork.Full price: €8, reduced price: €5,50.  edit
  • Carlo Goldoni's House (Casa di Carlo Goldoni)House of Venice' most famous playwright. edit
  • Lace Museum (Museo del Merletto)Burano.  edit
  • Museo Fortuny.  edit
  • Museum of Greek Icons.  edit
  • Museo di Storia Naturale (Natural History Museum), 
  • Naval History Museum (Museo Storico Navale).  edit
  • Scala Contarini del Bovolo.  edit

Question :
1.What is bridge that famous in venice??
a. Golden Gate Bridge
b. Brooklyn Bridge
c. Rialto Bridge
d. Millau Viaduct
e.Ponte Vecchio

2. How much is the admission ticket for The Museums of St. Mark's Square, Doge's Palace, and the Correr Museum?

3. What is churches that closed to public?
a.Basilica of Santa Maria Assunta in Torcello
b.Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari
c.Santa Maria dei Miracoli
d.San Giacomo di Rialto
e.the Baptistery and the Zen Chapel

4. Which guided tour will let you discover the part of the palace where the city's administration worked?
a.Tours of Rome
b.Perillo Tours
c.Ca'pesaro Tours
d.Secret Itinerary
e.Marco Escort

5.which museums is that have a sculpture garden and works by Picasso, Kandinsky, Tanguy, Duchamp, Pollock, Dali, and Mondrian?
a.Mocenigo Palace
b.The Peggy Guggenheim Museum
c.Museo Fortuny
d.Galleria dell'Accademia di Venezia
e.Glass Museum (Museo del Vetro)

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Story From my Friend

 1.The Boy who cried the wolf  - Viona Azhara
http://www.bahasainggrisoke.com/7-contoh-teks-storytelling-pendek-bahasa-inggris-berikut-artinya/ - Viona Azhara

Moral Value: Don't lie because people will not believe you 

2.The Goose with the Golden Eggs - Wildan Luthfie
3. Accident in last year 2015

Moral value : Ride faster than everyone will only guarentess you'll ride alone, safety is the key and it's up to you and me
4. The thirsy Crow - Tazkia Mulya S

Moral Value : Think and work hard, you may find solution to any problem.

Senin, 03 Oktober 2016



To all member OSIS that are grade 10.
There will be  a social servive to Garut that are flooding.

Date       : Friday and Saturday 28-29 September 2016
Location : Lapang Paris Village

In there student will be help some flood victims. All student of grade 10 that chosen to be OSIS must be participate in this social service. All student who aren't participate can help with a cloths, food, blanket or some money.  all of relief good can be gathered at osis room.

Thank you for all of your attention

Checks the video out at

Senin, 26 September 2016

My Unforgottable Moment

Hey guys!!! Back with me, now i'm will tell you all about my unforgettable moment...

This moment is happened when I 12 years old, when i’m go to holiday at Algi's and Kintan home at Cikeas. they are my relatives. I'm staying there for about 1 week to fill my school holiday. I'm staying there not just with Algi and Kintan but with Nujma and Haidar. I'm begin stay there at Wednesday 26 December 2012.

At first we have play-eat-sleep routine and then when Friday come we need to pray jum'at as we all know with "jum'atan". I go to pray with Algi and Haidar in masjid that not to far from my relatives home. It's name is Masjid Istiqomah. after we all arrived at masjid, we shocked because The President that officiate at time is come. He is Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. I recalled that's Cikeas is near his home, after that i'm continue praying jum'at. Jum'atan is finished and The President wants to get out of masjid but in front of the door of masjid there is already many people who wants to see,take photo, and shake hand with him. Paspampres(The one who guard President)is getting trouble to keep him save from the mass but it can handled perfectly by Paspampres.On the way his out i just got to see and shake hands with him 'cause paspampres doesn't let me too take photo with him, so I can't give you evidence that I shake hands with him.

After that I'm feeling really happy to see and shake hands with him, because I’m really want to meet the president that led our country to become amazing country. at that time too I’m have a dream to become like him, to become someone who have great leadership but currently I think that being a President will give me great responsibility because what I want, what I’m desire isn't what desired by people so give up this dream long ago.

It's my Unforgettable Moment and 'cause it's just a moment I can't tell you a long story about it. Sorry for not live up your expectations. See you later bye!!!

Minggu, 25 September 2016



Hello guys!!! back with me, now i will tell you about a real success event that held by SMAN 3 Bandnung and i was one of committee of this event. This event named MEGANTARA, means in Indonesia is "Nusantara adalah sinar yang megah".this Event being held about 3 weeks ago in Lapangan Bali.I will tell you my experience about being the committe division,being in there,see a ton of people and ETC.

First let's start with D-1 event, that almost all of the committe is get to "dispen" from school to take care of these event. I get to "dispen" too. In that day i'm and Alfath given a task from teh azka(my division superior) that we need to search a foodcart in the list that want to sell their food in Megantara.  We search everywhere but we can't found foodcart that want to sell their food in Megantara but other who search too found it and we have no problem. After that at 01.00 PM there is Praying together with all of committee and teacher of SMAN 3 Bandung, we pray so there is nothing happend on the D-day. after that i try to help The Decoration, even though i'm not helping much hehe....

After that i go to home at 4 PM to take a bath and come back to Lapangan Bali at 5 PM to take care of Foodstand because i'm LO of two foodstand, two foodstand who i'm LO-ing is Kedai Tata and Squidmore. I have to wait until 11 PM to make sure they arrived to loading in at stand they own.And i go home at 12 PM after Kedai Tata and Squidmore finished loading in.


Excited is the right word to describe the feeling i have at that time. I woke up at 4.50 AM and immediately prepare my self to go to LapBal. I'm arrived at 6 AM and go to bangsal to have Briefing with every committee so that our work not get tangled with somebody work or anything else. After that i'm helping The Logistik to bring table and chair since my foodstand need it. Since our task is help and observe each foodstand so we have a lot of free time.

At 8 AM there is parade until 9 AM and at 11.35 AM gate is open for those who have ticket. At first we doesn't have problem among foodstand but foodstand next to my foodstand is causing trouble for us.they are sell friedrice which is one of my foodstand menu.it's really trouble to some extent but we can handle this perfectly.

Tiloe's Theater
The Crowd

after that i doesn't have more trouble or task given to me so i try to enjoy the show like Tiloe's Theater at afternoon. In afternoon too, i can't help but happy because so many people come to MEGANTARA. it's so crowded that i have barely can walk freely.

The Changcuters

 At evening, I'm with my friend could watch all of the performence of our guest star; The Changcuters and RAN.It was really entertaining and could relive some stress. After performence by RAN ended at 10.30 PM we do an evaluasion so we can reflect it for better event next year.I was really happy to be one of people who made this event fantastic and succeed.Hope I can contribute too next years.


Kamis, 22 September 2016

World Tournament and Techno Festival

Hello guys!!!

For this post i will tell you all about my story in event named "World Tournament and Techno Festival" it's really cool name for an event right?? by the way it abbrevitation is WTTF not WTF hahahah.

okay, i will go on my story, in saturday morning, i'm get up at 05.00, actually i'm not get up from bed but i'm just check my handphone while lying down at my cozy bed, it lasted until 05.15. After that i'm prepare my self for going to school and after that i'm going to school ofcourse. ohh yeah i'm forgot to mention that i'm approximately need 45 minutes to prepare for school it's include eating guys.....

Since i'm live in Buah Batu it's about 10 minutes to go to school.first thing to do in school is sport class with mr. dhoni and mr. dudi......ouhhhh sorry i'm out of topic, okay i'm going to skip to the event.....

In WTTF, me with X IPA 8 is going to go againts XI IPA 8. All of us going to the places we need to go instructed by the instructur. we go to places like Photography Park, Tongkeng Park,Lapangan Bali, and class of 11th

In all of places that we visited we play game like a quiz, play a mobile game,Pro Evolution Soccer,Tekken 3, Alien Hunting, Twister,ETC

We play Quiz in Taman Musik and In Basketball court of Lapangan Bali, Quiz that we play in Taman Musik is named Second Rank. Second Rank is a game that a winner determined by point ranking, if someone get second place instead first she/he will be the winner, it's nonsense game that need a strategy.We lose in this game. If Second Rank need a strategy, quiz that we play in basketballcourt need fast respons to answer the question. We lose too in this game.

In soccer field of Lapangan Bali we play 2 games, it's Flappy Bird and a game that i forgot the name, this game need to steal the queen scraf . We lose in this game. and in Flappy bird we win the game yeay.

Bangsal is a place that we play PES, Shanshan is the one who playing this game but Shanshan lose with score 3-0 and so our group lose...

In Photography Park  we play twister  and the one who play this game is me and MZ.but we lose this game because of me, so sad:(

In Tongkeng Park, we must make a robot from a secondhand. it's take not much time to make it and we win the game..

In class of 11th we play in XI Science 1 and XI Science 3, in XI Science 1 we play Tekken 3. out of 3 round, we win 3 round and so win the game. In XI Science 3 we need to guess, who the bad guy in a film . we win in this too

After all of that we need to catch the alien in Lapangan Bali with a waterballon or with a hug. all of us ( all of us means here is 2 class : class of XI and X) is really wet because of the game.

After that we getting announced the team who have the best overall of all game and you know what we win the the best overall !!!! wow we really doesn't expect this and we are really happy :))

That's my story, where is yours??